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5 types of solar lights for your project

Sep 20,2022 | CANMEILIGHTS

solar lights


Are you still looking for solar lights and can't grasp the idea to select which one after reading tons of blogs about "how to buy the best solar lights" or "the top 10 solar lights"? Instead of asking questions continuously, we learn more about types of solar lights, which will help you make a better consideration.


  • What are solar lights?
  • Induction of some types of solar lights
  • How to select suitable solar lights for your project?


Remember, choose the most suitable for you instead of the best.


Ask led lighting expert and purchase suitable solar lights for my project!


What are solar lights?


Solar lights are electric lamps converted into electricity by solar panels.LED solar energy lamp is composed of a solar cell module, LED lamps, a control box, and a lamp pole. During the daytime, the solar generator can collect and store solar energy, solar energy lamp as safe, environmentally friendly new electric lights, and more and more attention.


There have some types of solar lights used for different applications, often used for home lighting, signal lighting, garden lighting, street lighting, landscape spot lighting, etc.


CANMEIJIA is a professional company specializing in the R&D, production, and sales of LED indoor lighting products (such as LED solar energy-saving lamps), with more than ten years of industry experience.


led lighting company


Let me introduce some solar lights to you.


1.Home/garage/solar lights

Compared with ordinary LED lights, solar lights built-in lithium battery or lead-acid battery, external one or more solar panels to charge it, the general charging time is about 8 hours, the use of up to 8-24 hours. Generally, with charging or remote control function, the shape varies according to user needs, square is common.

canmeijia solar lights

2. Garden solar lights

Solar garden lights are a kind of landscape lamp, generally used in courtyards, parks, tourist attractions, residential areas, private gardens, and other places of lighting. In the daytime, they can decorate the city landscape, and during the night can provide the necessary lighting and living convenience, improving the sense of security.


canmeilights solar lights



3. Street solar lights

Generally used for road lighting, have high requirements on endurance time and need high battery capacity of solar panels. It often has two designs, one is two pieces, the light, and solar panels are separate and need to connect with wires, the other is in one design, which is easy to install, with no wire and cable, you only need to find a position and fix it, it saves time, convenient and efficient.


canmei lights street lights


4. Solar Flood Lights

Solar flood lights are the best alternative for lighting a larger area. They are motion-activated and provide extra lighting, which works perfectly for security purposes. With solar flood lights, you don‘t need to worry about an extension cable or replace your batteries. Other perks that make the solar flood lights increase in demand.


flood lights


5. Landscape spot solar lights


Solar landscape lights are more ornamental than solar garden lights, mainly used for night lighting and landscape lighting in urban roads, community roads, industrial parks, green belts, squares, pedestrian streets, courtyards, etc. Solar garden lights pay more attention to functionality and are more often used in courtyards, urban roads, commercial and residential communities, parks, tourist attractions, squares, and other places for lighting and decoration.


Solar landscape lights have various styles, unique shapes, and optional light colors, while solar garden lights pay more attention to the neat appearance of lamps and lanterns and night lighting effects.


Solar landscape lights are more ornamental, so naturally, their design and process are more complex, while garden lights are more functional, so the design and production process is relatively simple.


There are few differences between them, now the gap has been narrowing. How to purchase suitable solar lights for your project, know your project first!

What I should know about my project?


I want to get a free quote